Refer friends, get rewards

We believe that sharing is caring, and what better way to show it than by rewarding you for spreading the word about our services? When you refer friends, family, or colleagues to us, everyone wins.

Why participate in Oneleaf’s referral program? 

 by introducing Oneleaf to your friends, family or colleagues, you’re not just making noise… you’re allowing someone else to improve their lifestyle with self-hypnosis. 
You’ll receive a $25 gift card for every friend who purchases a yearly subscription. Repeat as often as you wish. That’s not all! Your referees also get rewarded, with a $25 discount on the yearly subscription.
Let’s do it

How does it work?

Simple 3 steps.
Get your link
Generate a link from the form below
Start spreading the word
Get your reward
You will then receive an email with your reward, and you will be able to choose between many gift card options.

Common questions

How long does it take to get a reward?

As soon as you start sharing the link, your friends can start their trial and become your referee. Once they finish their 7 day trial and confirm their subscription to Oneleaf, you’ll receive your reward.

How many rewards can I get?

As many as you have friends! There is no limit to our referral program, as long as your friend finishes their trial period and confirms their subscription to Oneleaf.

How do I refer friends?

Just share your personalized link with anyone you feel could benefit from self-hypnosis (hint, everyone can benefit from self-hypnosis!). You can share it on social media, SMS, email, your choice.

What if my friends don’t subscribe?

Our program has an easy-to-use dashboard where you can send reminders to your friends, and check their progress. You’ll get access to it once you sign up to the referral program.

How will I know if I earned a reward?

Our program has an easy-to-use dashboard where you can check the progress of your referees and see if you earned any rewards. We’ll also send you a notification whenever a referee has confirmed their purchase and you’ve earned a reward. You’ll receive your $25 gift card via email within 3 days after the successful referral with a link to redeem your gift card.

Do I have to be a client of Oneleaf to be part of the referral program?

Yes, you must have an active subscription to Oneleaf and be over 18 years old.

What rewards will my friends receive?

The referees will receive a $25 discount to the yearly subscription of Oneleaf. The discount code will be automatically applied at the checkout.

Does it work with all Oneleaf subscription types?

No, the referral program only works if your friends subscribe to the yearly all-access program. 

Is the app suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Oneleaf is designed for both beginners and those experienced in self-hypnosis. There are guided sessions and tutorials to help newcomers get started. 

Who can I contact for further queries or support?

Please visit our Contact section or drop an email to Our team is always ready to assist!