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10 Tips to manage stress during the holiday season

February 1, 2024
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Ever find yourself needing a vacation from your vacation? It sounds ironic, but it's a common experience. 

Thinking about stress management during the holidays might seem odd, right? Holidays are meant to be a break from our daily routine. And yet, sometimes, instead of relaxation, we find ourselves overwhelmed by the whirlwind of planning, family expectations, and endless to-do lists. 

The Christmas holidays, a time of joy and relaxation, can sometimes paradoxically become a source of significant stress.

Why does this happen? Aren't vacations relaxing?

Holidays are often idealized as perfect periods of relaxation and joy. So, why do we sometimes end up feeling more stressed during these times? It's curious, but there are scientific reasons that explain this.

Firstly, the change in our routine, which holidays inevitably bring, can be a significant stressor. Our bodies and minds are wired to follow a set pattern, and any disruption can cause an imbalance, leading to stress. During the holidays, our normal schedules are thrown off – sleep patterns change, eating habits shift, and regular exercise routines might be paused.

Furthermore, holidays come with their own set of expectations and pressures. There's often a social obligation to attend events, host gatherings, or meet family expectations. This can lead to emotional stress, as we strive to meet these perceived demands.

Social media can exacerbate this by presenting an idealized version of holidays, creating unrealistic expectations for ourselves. The discrepancy between this ideal and our reality can be a source of stress.

Also, holidays don't pause life's ongoing challenges. Financial concerns, work issues, or personal problems don't simply vanish during the holiday season.

It’s about finding balance and acknowledging that it’s okay not to have a picture-perfect holiday. Now that we have looked at the factors that cause increased stress, let's look at measures we can proactively take to manage it and truly enjoy our free time.

10 Key strategies for stress-free holidays

1. Prioritize and plan ahead:

Begin your holiday preparations early. List out tasks and delegate responsibilities. This advanced planning wil help you manage your stress during the holidays, because you avoid feeling swamped as tasks pile on.

2. Embrace imperfection:

Let go of the notion of a perfect holiday. Set realistic expectations and remember that the essence of holidays is about creating joyous moments, not achieving perfection in every detail.

3. Stay true to healthy routines:

Don't abandon your regular exercise and eating habits. Physical activity is a natural stress reliever, and maintaining a balanced diet helps keep energy levels stable, which is crucial during the busy holiday season.

4. Incorporate mindful moments:

Dedicate time each day for mindfulness or meditation. These practices bring your focus back to the present, helping reduce the hustle and bustle of holiday stress. Even a brief period of mindfulness can significantly rejuvenate your spirit.

5. Take a break:

It’s important to relax and organize your thoughts. Hypnosis allows you to reconfigure your mind to fix a behavior or sensation in yourself, in this case relaxation or sleeping better. Hypnosis offers a simple way to relax, breathe and take a moment for yourself, wherever you are (all you need is your phone and headphones). It's an incredibly simple yet profound method to reset your mind and enjoy your vacation.

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6. Digital detox:

Limit your screen time on social media. Constant social media engagement can heighten stress. Allocate specific times for checking devices, allowing you to be more present and engaged in holiday activities.

7. Learn to politely decline:

Remember, it's perfectly okay to say no. You don’t have to attend every gathering or fulfill every request. Prioritizing your activities helps maintain a healthy balance between fulfilling social commitments and taking care of your own well-being.

8. Create new traditions:

Consider starting new holiday traditions that are more relaxing and less demanding. This could be something as simple as a quiet evening with close family or a walk in nature, instead of hosting large gatherings.

9. Connect with loved ones:

Use the holidays to genuinely connect with family and friends. Meaningful conversations and quality time can be incredibly soothing and a great antidote to the impersonal hustle of the season.

10. Reflect and appreciate:

Take time to reflect on the year and appreciate the good moments. Gratitude is a powerful tool for combating stress and fostering a positive mindset.

Practice one, two or those that you see are more within your reach, stopping to breathe and taking time for yourself, it will be much easier for you to manage the stress that you may feel during the holidays, just remember, you deserve that rest, so enjoy it.

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