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Looking for the perfect present? How about the gift of health, relaxation, and personal growth? Share the benefits of our self-hypnosis programs created by experts from NYU & Stanford and help someone become their best self with Oneleaf.

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How does it work?

Simple 3 steps:
Choose your gift card
3 months or 1 year subscription for free to Oneleaf.
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You will then receive the card by email - you can choose to either print it or send it by email to the recipient of your choice.
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The person has one year to activate their gift card on our website. 

Why choose Oneleaf as a gift?

Someone you care about wants to improve their lifestyle? You can provide them with that extra support:
Help them begin a transformative journey and achieve their personal goals.
Provide them with lifelong tools to manage today's fast-paced world.
It's a gift that keeps on giving, promoting sustained health and wellness.
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What will they receive?

A subscription to Oneleaf offers access to all our programs:

Sleep Better Program:

Helps users fall asleep faster and finally sleep through the night.

Reduce Stress Program:

Gives users lifelong tools to handle stress and anxiety.

Quit Smoking Program:

Helps break free from smoking habits and embrace a smoke-free life.

Weight Loss Program:

Focusing on healthy eating habits and a positive relationship with food, the Weight Loss program helps achieve sustainable weight loss.

Build Confidence Program:

Helps overcome self-doubt and develop a stronger sense of self-worth.

Improve Relationships Program:

Offers guidance to improve communication and understanding within personal and professional relationships.

Improve Focus Program:

Helps boost concentration and productivity. 

Pain Management Program:

Helps to modify the perception of pain and improve overall comfort.

Let's hear it from them

Chastine, 43

“I get to start the day armed with a mindset that naturally steers me in the right direction. I feel a lightness of my mind after my sessions and I have confidence that I will achieve my goals and make good decisions.”

Anna, 32

“I started using Oneleaf to help me with conscious decision-making and I’ve managed to incorporate relaxation techniques into my day-to-day that have really helped.”

Graham, 59

“Oneleaf gives me a chance to make time for myself without guilt or anxiety. I know that when I take a break from my busy day for a hypnosis session, I'm actually working toward something and that has become a priority in my life when it never used to be.”

Common questions

Who created the Self Hypnosis app?

The Self Hypnosis app was developed with insights and expertise from renowned professionals at NYU and Stanford. Their in-depth knowledge and research ensure that the app provides an authentic and effective experience for users.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and certain digital wallets. Our payment gateway is secured with top-notch encryption for your safety.

When will my friend receive the gifted app?

As soon as the payment is processed, an email with access details will be sent to you. You can then choose to either print it or send it by email to the recipient of your choice.

Can the app be used on multiple devices?

Yes, once the app is activated using the gifted link, it can be downloaded and used on multiple devices as long as they are linked to the same user account.

Is there a trial period for the app?

Oneleaf does have a trial period for direct purchases. However, gifts are typically full versions without the trial limitation.

What if my friend already has the app?

If your friend already uses Oneleaf, they can contact our support team, and we will provide a solution, which could be in the form of store credit or a refund.

Is the app suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Oneleaf is designed for both beginners and those experienced in self-hypnosis. There are guided sessions and tutorials to help newcomers get started.

How is the app different from other self-hypnosis apps?

Oneleaf stands out because of the expertise behind it. Collaborating with professionals from NYU and Stanford ensures scientifically-backed techniques and a user experience like no other.

Who can I contact for further queries or support?

Please visit our Contact section or drop an email to Our team is always ready to assist!

What about you though? It’s wonderful to want to help the people around you become their best self, but surely you can also use the benefits of self-hypnosis for your mental wellness.

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