Probably the most enjoyable way to ensure a good night’s sleep

50% of the adult population suffers from chronic Insomnia disorder. You can either keep being tired or start your program today and change this once and for all.


The method

Grounded in neuroscience, the Sleep Better program uses guided self-hypnosis to help you sleep better every night.

Difficulties falling asleep

Fall asleep within minutes with our audio sessions

On average, people listening to a Oneleaf session when going to bed fall asleep in 12 minutes.

Program done & reviewed by doctors

You will be completely guided during this process


Get back to deep sleep in no time

Olivia had huge problems with sleeping for months and is now sleeping like a baby after 18 days using Oneleaf: "Literally the best time of my day...Ashley's voice is just so amazing and enjoyable."

100% online from your phone, tablet or computer

Each session lasts 15 to 25 minutes per day

Poor sleep quality

Improve the amount of deep sleep you get by up to 80%

Deep sleep helps you wake up feeling refreshed each day.You want to have tools that will help you for the rest of your life. You will learn all the best techniques to sleep better once and for all.


Accessible anytime anywhere

Enjoy Oneleaf anywhere on your phone or tablet

No drugs, no constraints

Oneleaf is 100% natural and risk free

Notice instantaneous results from day 1

We use data and science to become the #1 program in the world

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Oneleaf offers a 7-day free trial, come try your first session now.


Accessible anytime anywhere

Enjoy Oneleaf anywhere on your phone, tablet or computer

No drugs, no constraints

Oneleaf is 100% natural and risk free

Notice Instantenous results from day 1

We use data and science to become the #1 program around the world

Start your first session now

Oneleaf offers a 7-day free trial, come try your first session now.



Understand the power of self-hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a focused and absorbed state of attention, where you become more receptive to new ideas. You actually go into a natural hypnotic state every single day.

Scientific Advisory Board

Laurent Taton

Hôpitaux de Paris

Dr. Taton discovered hypnosis when he started studying medicine. Today, Dr. Taton practices hypnotherapy in his private practice and in a public hospital. He treats patients suffering from addiction, anxiety disorders or trying to lose weight among other things.

Judith Prochaska

Stanford University

Clinical health psychology and Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, member of the Stanford Cancer Institute, fellow and past president of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco.

Emily Balcetis

New York University

Associate Professor of Psychology at New York University, award-winning social psychologist, lecturer, TEDx speaker and author of more than seventy scientific publications.

Understand the power of self-hypnosis

No better place than you home

Self-hypnosis is based on relaxation and there is no better place that your home to relax.

Fun and relaxing experience

Each session is unique and you will actually look forward to dedicating time each day for your program.

Easy to commit

Each session only lasts 15 minutes accessible anytime, anywhere.

Super healthy

Oneleaf is 100% natural and doesn’t require chemicals or drugs.


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Common questions

What is self-hypnosis?

You actually enter self-hypnosis states everyday. Have ever been driving down the road, and then realized that you missed your exit five minutes ago? Or completely lost track of time while doing something you love? This is exactly what it feels like to be in a hypnosis-like state. And in this relaxed state, your mind is open to receive the growth, learning and suggestions that are aligned with your goal to sleep better.

How does it work?

It involves using this natural process of entering a focused state of attention, combined with suggestions. When you combine self-hypnosis with suggestions, it becomes a powerful way for you to harness your mind to manage your health.

What will happen during each session?

During a session, you will close your eyes and the therapist will use prompts and visualisations to guide you into a relaxed and focused state (similar to meditation), and then teach you coping skills and provide suggestions for improving your health.

How long is my Oneleaf?

Oneleaf program is custom based on your habits. We give you all the necessary tools plus our SOS audios and reinforcement sessions to help you make this change.

Will it work for me?

Even tough results may vary, studies and scientists have shown that something remarkable happens in the mind during self-hypnosis. Your mind becomes very excited and receptive to change. Your mind will accept things in self-hypnosis that it won't accept out of self-hypnosis but it has to be things that you want to happen.

Can I try it for free ?

Yes when selecting your plan, you will be able to access a free trial of your program.

100% Satisfaction guarantee

Oneleaf is so powerful that we offer 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied.

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