Oneleaf is on a mission to empower a billion people to feel better everyday using self-hypnosis.

A healthier world for healthier humans

Reducing our carbon footprint

Cigarette butts are the most commonly polluted plastic with about 4.5 trillion cigarette buts polluting our global environment.

Fighting leading causes of preventable death

Worldwide, Anxiety, weight loss or tobacco causes tens of million deaths per year. We want to help the world recover from that.

Supporting governments

We are supporting governments across the globe by helping the billions of people suffering from stress, overweight, insomnia and tobacco to overcome those pains that cost billions every year to deal with.

Building a more conscious generation

The tobacco industry is spending billions to advertise smoking to young people. We give back 5% of our revenue to fight against this.


Oneleaf is designed to fit anyone’s lifestyle, with one primary goal: to equip each and everyone of you with the tools to take control of your life.

Our name means One life and is a daily reminder that we should seize the day. We believe people can reach their full potential only when they feel truly amazing: this is our mission. There will be a Oneleaf for every major wellness issue in the world.

Being the main cause of death, smoking is our first battle. People struggle to quit by themselves while they know their life would only be better without cigarettes.

This is not right: we think breaking bad habits should be painless and easy. That's why Oneleaf is short, sweet and fun. We strongly believe we can make the world smoke free within the next 10 years and prevent the tobacco industry from killing another generation. We deeply care about our legacy to this world: helping people lose weight, reduce their stress and sleep better is one of the many other battles we’re fighting for. Your wellbeing is what drives us to work hard on building the best product.
It is what gives us the will to keep working after everyone else falls asleep. Be part of this journey.

It just starts with you, now.

100% Satisfaction guarantee

Oneleaf is so powerful that we offer 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied.

100% Satisfaction guarantee

Oneleaf is so powerful that we offer 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied.

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